We are unable to fulfill any forders for Equine Hydro-T's.  We are very sad that the 18+ year run of the Equine Hydro-T likely has come to an end.  In the fires that ravaged Montana this past summer (2017), our contract manufacturing operation that produced our parts had to make an emergency move and in that process, they lost the molds (devices used to produce the parts) for the Equine Hydro-T.  There is a possibility that the molds will be found and if so, we shall start again.

We thank you all for your interest and for those of you who purchased in the past -- we thank you and wish you and your horse quality time together.
Equine Hydro-T
Equine Hydro-T connects to the end of your hose to
provide pulsating water for equine therapy and bathing

Equine Hydro-T uses